About my work


As life is in a constant flow my work is as well changing and adjusting all the time

My aim is to create a field of pure awareness enabling the client to relax deeply and

connect with its own healing power and hightest potential.

I use the SELF HEALING RITUAL and all the other tools life and my teachers taught me.

I always tune in individually , sometimes physical healing is needed, sometimes emotional or a deep connection with the soul level.

The most important for me is unconditional love, pure awareness and a deep trust in the process of life.

The main focus is on the essential questions of life such as:

Who am I? Why am I here? How to lead a happy fulfilled and healthy life?How to be in pure happiness?

How to die in joy and peace?



What means healing for me?

For me healing means to allow and to support the body to heal itself and to create a field of pure awareness and love
I believe that nobody ever heals somebody but our own healing power.

Although sometimes we do need a support to reactivate this self healing power and to connect with the soul level or the matrix.
This can happen in many ways, like a loving touch, a deep sharing, a natural medicine, healthy food and nature for example . For me it is as well very important to find out why a body got sick or the client got depressed or out of balance.

It’s not a complete cure if you get medicine , that might help for a while but if the underlying problem is not dissolved, the body will react again. Let me give you an example, if you are worrying a lot about something your stomach might react, cramping, aching and might even develop an ulcer. So if you take pills against the pain but don’t find a solution for the problem you are worrying about, the symptoms will come again.
In holistic healing I see the whole person, not only the body , the emotional and mental state as well and through tuning in, reading the body and getting as well some insights about the emotions and the mind, I can support to heal on a holistic level
A lot of the physical problems arise from the mind and a so called broken heart and a lack of self love.
 True healing starts when the body is deeply relaxed, mind in peace and the heart open....only then the inborn self healing power takes over and the body is able to get back into its natural order.

What made me gain expertise in the field of healing?

I was always interested in the essence and the true meaning of life
Being healthy for me means not only a healthy body but living a fulfilled, happy life. Since my feet touched Indian ground at the age of 20 I am fascinated by spirituality in the sense of living your fullest potential and discovering your true self .
After a career as a flight attendant and event manager, I decided to study holistic medicine in Germany and as well spent a lot of time with spiritual teachers in India, became a reiki master and a yoga teacher.
I as well was trained in spiritual care for the dying and learnt a lot about life and what is really important from people at the end of their lives.
All my experience with healing work throughout decades, guided me to combine different techniques in one, called the Self Healing Ritual, a combination of simple exercises, spiritual life coaching, soft touches, reading the body and tuning in the soul, activating the self healing power, self love and soul connection ...a very individual experience.

I as well include quantum healing and spiritual coachings.
My passion is to create a space where the client feels safe and at peace to open up to his own potential and healing power.

Energy work not stops the moment the session is over, it is more like an initiation for the body to activate his own power. 
Generally it’s about listening more to the needs of the body, taking time to relax deeply, being open to the wisdom of the body, keeping the heart open and very important allowing yourself to be happy and live the life you really want to live, as one major regret about their life dying people have is not having lived a happy fulfilling life.

We are all are born with powerful self healing forces  and the possiblity of living a happy enlightened life.
We often forget about our own power and ignore the wisdom of our body.
If we want to live a healthy and fulfilled life its important to learn more about this power and
the language of our body and especially the heart.

Love your life, accept what you can’t change and change what you are able to change for better.
Find your passion in life and know that you deserve to be happy

Facts about my education


I am a German Certified Holistic Healer, Reikimaster, Yogateacher, Author, Seminarleader

and Coach.

Moreover trained in spiritual care for the dying, trauma healing and lifestyle coaching.

Since 30 years I am giving seminars and coachings worldwide after a career as airhostess and event management.