LeelaYoga-Meditation in Motion

LeelaYoga is an experience of the Here and Now
Embracing who you are, totally, in  this moment.
Witnessing the dance of creation 
Touching the eternal NOW
Embracing everything
LeelaYoga is a very intuitive way of Yoga, a Yoga of Consciousness, a Yoga of the Soul.
It is an invitation for you to enjoy your body flowing naturally from one posture to another, to let go of blocked energy. Your body is the sacred vehicle to reconnect with your true essence. 
Your Consciousness manifests through your body, yet you are not your body, your body is the temple for the divine to manifest.
Universal life energy requires the freedom to flow freely to be able to heal and to allow you to live you divine potential 


LeelaYoga  is a gentle and playful way to come back to yourself, enjoy your body and listen to the whispering of your soul
Just let go, let life happen in its natural flow, with ease.