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Since my early childhood I am fascinated by the fact that we have to die, asking myself and others since then the essential question:

what happens when I die?

 After a car accident in the age of six, I encountered the fact how fragile the body is and that nobody knows the day of the last breath. Later I attended a lot of seminars and trainings on the topic of dying and death.

The day came when I was confronted with death in my own life. My husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness and a long dying process started. The fear of death popped up, the fear of losing a loved one, the fear of facing the final moment.


The fear became quite strong making it impossible to live a joyous life any more.

The feared moment appeared, the last day, the last breath, the last touch.

This very special moment, where there is no more movement, no breathing, the moment when the body is just a body, nothing more, the moment where there is just a deep sacred silence.

This moment, if you are conscious and aware, enables you to feel the true essence, the soul. If you are aware, this could be the most precious moment filled with eternal peace, joy and endless love.

To be present in the moment when a soul returns home is a divine gift, a glimpse of eternity.

When the day of your returning home comes and you have learned to be conscious and fearless, your transition will be the highlight of a fulfilled life.

In my seminar Joy of Dying I will share my experiences and create a safe space to dive into the unknown and the mystery of death, to face personal fears and limitations and to go beyond.


If you are curious about life and death and are eager to live a fulfilled life without fears,  this workshop is for you.


Bhagavad Gita:

Just as a men casts off worn out clothes

and gets new ones

so the Self casts off worn out bodies

and enters new ones

when this is the case

why do you worry

why do you weep

for a wise man death is beautiful

it is only when one lacks knowledge

that one fears it