The Retreat is an intensive withdrawal and vision quest to encounter the essential questions of life, reconnect with your true self and find your own answers to the problems you think you are facing.

Who am I?         Why am I here?         What is my purpose in life?

This out -of -the- ordinary process is an experience of tremendous self empowerment, opens the doors to the deep understanding of who you are and why you are here.

The two most important days of your life:
The day you were born and the day you find out why!

The Retreat moves through 4 stages and ends with an integration day

Taking inventory
The day to feel, share and reflect
How authentic am I in my sharing?
Who am I?

An experience in living totally
The day to deeply experience body, mind and soul beyond words
Being in deep connection with nature, exploring your boundaries and resistance

Loving yourself
The wisdom of the heart
Experiencing unconditional love

What kind of liberation would I like to experience?
Free yourself from limiting patterns and discover new visions for your life
Free yourself from being You, experience the eternal truth


Integration day
Integrating the new experiences and opening up for a new, enlightened life
allowing the flow of life to happen
Celebrate life

This intensive self-awareness process was created by Leela Isani and Frank Weckesser and is based on years of experience in Human Potential Training.

The Retreat happens at venues located in powerful natural surroundings.
Nature plays a major part and helps you to reconnect with your source.


The Process is demanding, challenging, sweet, loving, playful and a very individual experience and might be lifechanging