The SELF HEALING RITUAL is a transformational experience activating your self healing power, amplifying your self love and connects deeply with your soul 

This heartcentered hands-on treatment provides a sacred space where a deep regeneration of cells happens while you are enjoying tender touches carrying the transmission of a powerful light energy to open up for higher levels of consciousness

The SELF HEALING RITUAL awakens your inner wisdom , leaving you deeply nourished on all levels, at one with yourself and in love with life. The touches also fosters a balancing of left and right brain hemisphere,putting you in touch with your creativity, intuition and helps to clear the next step in the divine  play of life.

A healing and sacred  cocoon emerges where you experience a deep trust in life

During or after the session Leela shares her insights and received messages.She is functioning like a translator between you and your soul. 

The specific ritual-like structure, pro-active exercises and a space for sharing add to its uniqueness.

                                               Your Experience



  • The experience contains a flowing self healing sequence. 
  • It offers special movements, gentle strokes and soft touches, a specially created Self Healing Essence, a sound field and stillness.
  • A speciial symbol  has been created to assist the process.
  • The client is invited to perform simple, effective exercises before the treatment with the therapist and will get a written brochure with the instructions at the end. 
  • Self Healing Powers and Self Love are activated.
  • The Soul Connection intensified.
  • The therapist connects to the client soul to soul.
  • Sustainable: The client is  invited to continue with the introductory exercises at home. 
  • Each session includes a sharing with the therapist.
  • We suggest  to take three sessions of the SELF HEALING RITUAL with one or two days in between for a deep process of helping the cell memory to recover from emotional or traumatic disturbance and to feel a deeper connection to one’s self love and to assist physical balance.
  • However, it is not necessary to commit to three sessions from the beginning. Sessions may be booked one by one as well.



                                                  Benefits of the SELF HEALING RITUAL

Calming down of the nervous system

Better circulation

Deep Relaxation

Release of anxiety and tensions

Peace of mind

Improved breathing patterns

Balanced digestion

Opening up to new options in your life

Feeling fresh inspiration

Rejuvenation of the whole organism

Improved cell metabolism


Some customers report spiritual experiences such as perceptions of light and intuitive insights.

Perceptions of what is healing cannot be standardized. Healing in a wider sense means your system is balancing what in your individual state is ready to be healed and balanced.


During the SELF HEALING RITUAL some people might experience altered states of emotions: Happiness, sadness, comfort, deep tranquility.

After the treatment you could be very relaxed and also very excited depending on what emotion needed to be triggered.

Guests experience various re-actions and responses coming through their system after having received the ritual. Those may vary from person to person.